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  • Fareast Asia

    Far East Asia is a Hub of tourist Destinations which ranges from world's popular cosmopolitan and shopping destinations like Singapore, Malaysia, HongKong , Bangkok, Beijing, Shanghai, etc..which also attracts awesome number of tourists to historically significant destinations like Vietnam,Cambodia, Laos,Myanmar etc..which are also collaborated with cultural and natural elements of tourism.The major tourism destinations of Far East Asia are as follows

  • South Asia

    South Asia which is surrounded by Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea is significant part of tourism Asia.South Asia homes to Mt Everest of Great Himalayas ,World wonder Tajmahal, White sandy beaches of Maldives,Deserts of Rajasthan,Back waters of Kerala, Natural scenery of Srilanka,Nepal and Budhist culture of Bhutan ,Wild life of India and Srilanka and many more.Explore this South Asian tourism destination like India, Srilanka , Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives whose contribution to the global tourism is remarkable.

  • Middle East Asia

    Middle east is one of the worlds most fascinating leisure and adventurous tourism destination .It is the land where the three major religion of world - Christianity ,Islam,Judaism born .Middle East Asia is blessed with beautiful collection of Deserts ,most ancient historical monuments ,richest countries of world like Dubai,Oman,Turkey,Saudi Arabia etc.Tourism in these destination will be a new experience for the travelers exploring these destinations.

  • Australia

    Australia is a treasure of natural beauty with more than ten thousand beaches,unique wild life, Beautiful mountain ranges, long coastal roads,waterfalls,wine yards,apple fields and vibrant cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Gold coast, Brisbane ,Cairns etc..which altoether make best feast for its visitors. Australia also holds a rich unique culture which has an history of more than fifty thousand years. Discover this unique continent which is invented by Aborginal people who used Boomarang and Woomer

  • Europe

    Europe is a matchless tourism destination with splendors of natural beauty and man made wonders The exotic tourism destinations likeLondon, Paris,Switzerland Austria,Italy, Greece ,Scottland, Ireland,Belgium,Holland etc. .offers great deals of holidays to its travelers .The climate and scenic beauty of European destinations is remarkable and it attracts awesome number of Honeymooners and leisure travelers to this destination.

  • Africa

    Africa is one of the most rewarding continent for leisure, adventure and overland tourism.Africa offers a vast collection of wildlife,mountain ranges,white sand beaches,urban cities,world famous waterfalls and other endless features for promoting tourism in this continent.Touring African destinations will bring a unique experience of being with nature with natural creatures which are wild and dangerous and over land safaris through the national park or game park is a memorable experience .

  • Central Asia

    Central Asia is the brightest necklace in the 'Great Silk Road' treasury.Being consolidated in to one historical and ethnographic region it belongs to the most ancient areas of human habitat. The major countries of central asia are Uzbekhstan ,Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan. Central asia has its own contribution to the world tourism with endless treasure of historical and most ancient monuments, a unique culture and enchanting natural beauty with Beaches on the Caspian Sea ,Mountains of Kyrgyzstan and Deserts of Turkmenistan. Night life in the countries of central asia are recently most discussed among the travelers. Explore this destination of Great Silk Route